(Selected Presentations)

Video gallery

T1- Saeed Khan: The animal model: immuno-pathological insights into stone formation and treatment
T2- Athanasios Papatsoris: From Clavien to PULS – Attempts to classify complication in endourology
T4- José Reis Santos: Changes in the epidemiology of stone disease during the past 50 years- what have we learned?
T8- Saeed Khan: Urinary macromolecular risk factors
T9- Hans- Göran Tiselius: You have all the tools? What SWL can do for you
T5- James Williams: Delving deep into the structure and ultrastructure of stones
F1- William Robertson: Metabolic stone disease: recent developments in diagnosis and treatment – Basic and clinical aspects
F3- Mohammed Alomar: To stent or not to stent after URS?
F4- Mayur Danny Gohel: Herbal remedies in the management of urolithiasis: future prospects?
F5- Kandarp Parikh: How to improve longevity of your scope?
F6- Hans- Göran Tiselius: Current mechanistic theories of stone formation- an overview
F8- Saeed Khan: Role of oxidative stress in stone formation
F9- Giovanni Gambero: Randall’s plaque- current understanding of its role in stone pathogenesis
S6- Göran Ahlgren: PSA for all ages?
S7- Göran Ahlgren: Penile cancer in the elderly
S8- Andre Van Der Merwe: Deciding on prostate cancer treatment in the elderly