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Janak Desai

Practicing Urology in Ahmedabad, India ; Samved Hospital;

Innovator of UMP (Ultra-Mini PCNL) ; German maker Schoelly- GmbH has made the instruments and named them “UMP by Janak Desai”.

Awarded Honorary FRCS from Royal college of physicians & Surgeons, Glasgow

Nominated as Honorary member of DGU – German Urology Society. ( Deutsche Gesellschaft Urologie).

Awarded the B C Roy award by Medical council of India. This award is given to the recipient by President of India.

Nominated as member of EULIS ( European Urolithiasis Society). Only a few International members are nominated.

Recipient of the “John Wickham Medal and Lecture” for Innovation in Urology. Given by the Royal Society of Medicine – Urology section.

Delivered the “Malcolm Coptcoat Lecture” during the Annual Meeting of BAUS – Urology section. 22nd-24th April 2009 , Norwich.

Delivered the “David John Lecture” in the Royal Society of Medicine Meeting in London – 13th May 2012.

Was Invited as International faculty for the RSM (Royal Society of Medicine) Meeting in London on 20thOctober 2018.

Faculty at the Institute of Urology – London , to conduct a teaching course on PCNL/URS, in 2010 and 2011 (May), 2012 ( May) and 2014.

Faculty ( thrice) at Addenbrookes Hospital (Cambridge – UK ) for masterclass in PCNL.

Was invited at Guangzhou(China) – Feb 2012, & 2013 to demonstrate surgeries for Stones – Ultra-Mini PCNL and Flexible Ureteroscopy. Was invited to Sun-Yat-Sen University ( Guangzhou) in 2014 for a PNL workshop.

Was invited to Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Guiyang for workshops on Miniaturised PCNL.

Was invited as visiting Prof. of Urology at Romania in July 2008; Victor Babes University of Medicine and Pharmacy conferred the title of “Visiting Professor” after a successful workshop on PCNL at the County hospital, Timisoara.

Was invited by the SriLankan Urology Association to do a workshop on PCNL in Nov 2008 and Dec 2010. Was invited by the Bangla-Desh Urology Association thrice to conduct workshops on PCNL.

Faculty in Paris “ 2nd, 3rd and 4th Challenges in Endourology” – June-2012, June-2013 and June-2014. Demonstrated a video on UMP ( Ultra-Mini PCNL). Faculty in Paris for CIE-2014 and did a live demonstration of UMP at the Tenon Hospital.

Was invited to deliver a plenary session talk in Lima ( Peru) : Annual meeting of the South American Urology Association. (CAU).

Was invited by the Brazilian Endo-Urology society to deliver a plenary session talk on UMP ; Also to do live surgeries of UMP in Sao Paulo – Oct 2013

Was invited in Buenos Aires (Argentina) to deliver a talk on UMP – Oct 2013.

Was invited to Cartagena ( Colombia) in 2019 – November for a masterclass on PCNL.

Published the first paper on UMP in the BJUI ( British Journal of Urology International). The video on UMP in Journal of Endourology-Videourology was amongst the top five videos viewed worldwide.

Was invited to Istanbul in February 2014 for a workshop on Pediatric urolithiasis – live demonstration of UMP was done.

Was invited to Moscow in February 2014 for a live demonstration of UMP – Piragov University.

Was invited to Khartoum in March 2014 for a live demonstration of UMP.

Conducted a workshop on Miniaturised PCNL at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University in 2019 May. Gave a lecture on Miniaturised PCNL to the Harvard urology fraternity.

Conducted a workshop on UMP at Miami – University of Florida Hospital – 2019 November.

Was invited at Groningen ( Netherlands) twice, to do workshop on PCNL.

Was invited for Grand Rounds at San Antonio, Texas 2015, May.

Was invited for Grand Rounds at John Hopkins University ( Brady Urology) in 2008 , May.

Founder President of Gujarat Urology Association. Past President of West Zone Indian Urology Association.

Book Chapters :

  1. Smiths TextBook of Endourology – 4th edition
  2. Consultation in Urolithiasis (SIU publication)
  3. North American clinics
  4. Urology Book – Urology society of India
  5. “Percutaneous Renal Surgery” - Springer

Journal Reviewer: Reviewer for BJUI, Indian Journal of Urology, World Journal of Urology, Journal of Endourology, Brazilian Journal of Urology


  1. Ultra-Mini Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (UMP) : one more armamentarium… BJUI November 2013.
  2. Ultra-Mini Percutaneous Nephrolithotripsy : Journal of Endourology –Videourology section ; year 2013
  3. Ultra-Mini PCNL versus flexible ureteroscopy : a matched analysis of treatment costs (endoscopic and disposables) in patients with renal stones 10.20 mm : World Journal of Urology – Jan 2015
  4. A novel technique of ultra-mini-percutaneous nephrolithotomy: introduction and an initial experience for treatment of upper urinary calculi less than 2 cm. : Biomed Res Int ; July 2013
  5. Non Urothelial Bladder cancers : a case series… :Indian Journal of Surgical Oncology; March 2013
  6. Prospectives outcomes of 11-13 F ultra-mini percutaneous nephrolithotomy (UMP) : a consecutive cohort study. : Journal of Urology