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Stamatelou Kiriaki

Nephrologist, Director of the Renal Department of a private Hospital and a Dialysis Clinic, Athens, Greece

Educated in Greece, Athens Medical School. Specialized in Nephrology (Renal medicine). Post graduate studies: MBA Degree:Health Executive, in the “Centre for Health Planning and Management”, Keele University, UK.

Worked as a specialist at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda USA, and the Nephrology Department of the Royal Melbourne Hospital in Australia.

She has received scholarships from theWorld Health Organization, the UK Commonwealth Office and the Greek Nephrology Association.

For the past 20 years she is the Director of the Renal Department of a private Hospital and a Dialysis Clinic, with a large personal experience in treating CKD patients of all stages, cases of Acute Kidney Injury, Hypertension, Diabetic Nephropathy, Glomerular Diseases and the whole spectrum of nephrology.

Her special interests, except for renal replacement therapies, include Anemia of CKD, Mineral and Bone Disease and Osteoporosis and Kidney Stones prevention and treatment. She is running a busy outpatient renal clinic focusing on kidney stones and CKD prevention.

Dr Stamatelou is a Principal Investigator with extensive experience in interventional international clinical trials.

She is currently a Lead Assessor for the Hellenic Accreditation Authority, inspecting and assessing quality standards, ISO Certifications and Accreditation of Certification Bodies in Greece and overseas. Her field of expertise includes health sector standards, ISO 9001, 13485 and 15224, and EU Health related Directives. She is also an educator in this field, contributing in improving the quality of health care services in Greece.

Dr Stamatelou is an acclaimed international speaker and trainer for physicians and health related personnel. She has given more than 200 invited medical lectures in Greece and overseas, she has published extensively in local and international journals and she is a key opinion leader for the industry in the field of nephrology.